Crystal Lake

Crystal lakes is the Quarry body off of Porter St / Quarry St.

Below is a photo with the lay of the land.  They will be serviced waterfront lots in widths of about 75ft to 90ft with varying depths.  Until we have the services started and lake use agreement ready, we can't quote a lot or build price. Waterfront lots will be north of $250,000.  Servicing to be totally done in the Fall.

I can keep you informed once we have more details and all my exclusive clients on this mailing list will be get first crack at info and lots/builds before we go public co-operation.

This is the latest update on the Crystal Lakes development.

I still don't have clear enough info to pass along and the developer/land owner and builder (Boer Homes) wants me to have a more concrete info package before putting the lots up for reserve or sale.  An 'vacant land condominium' has to be created for the lake and use of the lake for; enforcement of rules, maintenance and insurance (as we can't not protect the area for anyone and anybody to use as it has to come down to an ownership and the responsibilities of ownership and the best way to protect lake owners is a vacant land condominium envelope for the will be freehold).

I don't have a full picture of what that will look like, price on top of the lot price (to own a share in the lake) and possible yearly maintenance fee (which would be low, there is a similar situation for access to Lake Erie in Lowbanks for a freehold neighbourhood, that is gated with 1,500ft of beach front with a yearly fee for grass cutting, maintenance and insurance).   I am led to believe that by the end of May I should have that necessary info.

Boer Homes have secured 2 water front lots and 14 secondary (on the other side of the road from the lake) lots and Boer Homes is comfortable with the possible scenario.

I am led to believe that full servicing will not be complete until the Fall, which will be starting in the Spring (servicing work).  

There maybe 3 building permits to start building before services are complete in the Fall.  One could conceivably build a home or start building before they connect to the services.

Any building plans can be customized to your liking whether altering a plan of ours or finding your own plan.

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Crystal Lake